Edward Snowden Perfectly Sums Up David Cameron’s Attitude To Panama Papers Leak With One Tweet

Well said.

Unless you’ve been living in a cave this week, you’ll have heard about the biggest leak in history which exposed how celebrities and world leaders have been evading tax, avoiding sanctions and laundering money. Read all about that HERE.

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The leaks revealed that David Cameron’s father, Ian, paid no UK duty for 30 YEARS on a firm run from the Bahamas.

Yesterday, The Prime Minister refused to answer questions over his family’s use of tax havens and when asked if any of his own cash was hidden in offshore accounts, said “that’s a private matter”.


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The hypocrisy of that statement is pretty clear for all to see, but last night Edward Snowden, who has always been heavily critical of the UK’s push for mass government snooping on e-mails/browsing histories, summed it up perfectly:

Anti-tax avoidance campaigners are calling for the PM to come clean about his family’s riches.

Labour MP Jess Phillips said:

If he’s not sure then he should find out and rectify it as soon as possible. While tax affairs for ordinary people are a private matter, he is a Prime Minister who has committed to stamping out tax avoidance.

Indeed. Welcome back to the UK Dave, hope you enjoyed that holiday.


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