Panama Papers Leak Has Resulted In Iceland PM And Head Of Anti-Corruption Group Resigning

The dominoes have started to fall.

The Panama Papers leak is still sending shock-waves through the world and rightly so considering it’s the biggest data leak in history.

The number of leaked documents is 11.5 million, which is absolutely fucking massive, especially when you consider Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks back in 2013 added up to 1.7 million documents.

Looks like the rich, powerful and famous might pay for their corruption yet (some of them anyway), as Icelandic Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson got the ball rolling by agreeing to step down this week.

File photo shows Iceland's PM unnlaugsson attending a news conference in Stockholm

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After him, the head of Chilean branch of Transparency International – an anti-corruption orgaisation (yeah, irony) – Gonzalo Delaveau has also resigned after he too was linked to offshore companies hiding his money.


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Looks like this is just the start of the dominoes falling for these greedy corrupt pricks. I’d say someone like Vladimir Putin is untouchable but who knows, if you take out a few of the smaller guys maybe one day the snake’s head can be cut off too.

One thing’s for sure — David Cameron is quaking in his boots right now.


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