UK Tabloids Celebrate Passing 30,000 Deaths By Speculating About Possible End Of Lockdown


I guess you’re probably getting bored of me criticising the mainstream media, but I really do feel the need to call them out on their shit and the way that they’re reporting the Coronavirus pandemic over here as all of them seem to completely ignore the fact that our results are the worst in Europe right now.

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The death toll creeped over 30,000 yesterday which wasn’t that huge an increase, but you still would think that one of them would at least have mentioned it on their front page. Instead, they all decided to lead with the fact that Boris was making some big announcement on Sunday at 7pm about how he intends to release the country from lockdown, with loads of them speculating that this meant we might be able to go for picnics and hang out in the park on Monday.

Here’s a selection of them on Twitter:

Ugh. The worst part about this is that I doubt any of the stuff that some of them are speculating about is even going to happen. If you look at the current curve – although nobody seems to be releasing data about that or looking at it in the past few weeks – then it hardly screams out that the crisis is over and we can start getting back to normal. It’s way worse than other countries that haven’t even got to that stage yet themselves.

Can’t really see much happening with this in mind – although it seems clear that the economy and lowering furlough payments is a priority in the government’s ideas – but I don’t wanna speculate about that because that it isn’t really that useful to fuel these ideas. Stay tuned until Sunday I guess.

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