Loads Of Dumb Companies Scheduled Their Happy New Year Tweets For The Wrong Day

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Social media 101.

Obviously nobody wants to be working at midnight on New Year’s Eve because you want to be getting pissed with your buddies and pretending to have a really fun time on the most overpriced night of the year.

However, unfortunately if your company has any kind of presence on social media then you probably need to get a generic Happy New Year! tweet up around that time just to remind everyone to shop with you or whatever. That probably means that you’re going to have to schedule it, which is no big deal right?

Wrong. Apparently a load of people who work in social media had no idea that New Year’s Day was actually January 1st 2016 and not December 31st 2015. As such, a load of scheduled tweets celebrating the new year went up at 12:01 this morning. Whoops.

Here’s a selection of the best, courtesy of the SimonNRicketts Twitter account:

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Oof. A few people are getting fired when Monday. As for the rest of us, Happy New Year everyone from everyone here at Sick Chirpse.

Here’s a dope way to open a bottle of champagne when the clock strikes midnight tonight.


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