Wes Morgan Has Just Signed The Most Insane Contract Ever With Captain Morgan


The contract clauses are ridiculous.

Wes Morgan wrote his name into history upon captaining Leicester City to the Premier League title last season and Captain Morgan instantly smelled one of the marketing opportunities of the decade.

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Obviously the two share the same name so it makes perfect sense for them to partner up, although I’m not sure if some of the clauses in the contract that Wes has just signed are absolutely inspirational or absolutely delusional. Take a look at what he just posted on his Twitter:

Ridiculous. I don’t know if I would be happy or sad about that – whilst it sounds really funny to buy everyone in the bar a drink and shout ‘There’s only one Captain Morgan’ repeatedly at first, it might get a bit tiring after about a month if you go out drinking every week, which I’m sure Wes Morgan probably does.

The costume party thing might be a bit of a relief though, as nobody will ever be able to give you shit about not being original with your fancy dress clothes. People can be really scatty when you wear the same outfit twice. Either way, both of them are completely bonkers so at least it tells us that both Wes and Captain Morgan are pretty funny customers.

In any case, it sounds like a pretty jokes deal for Wes and he shouldn’t have any problems fulfilling the terms of the contract though anyway – remember that time he bought everyone in the bar a Jagerbomb after Leicester had just won the title? Lad.


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