Wiley Has Gone On An Antisemitic Twitter Rant Saying Jews Are ‘Too Touchy’ & ‘Israel Is Not Your Country’

Oh dear.

The ‘Godfather of Grime’ Wiley has put his foot in it once again this week by launching a long anti-semitic rant on Twitter in which he called Jews “too touchy” and said that “Israel is not yours” .

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Here’s some of the stuff he’s been Tweeting:

The response has basically been people unanimously telling Wiley that he’s a racist and a twat:

Wiley is still doubling down on his comments over on Twitter and boasting about the fact that he’s Trending even as this is published, so I guess he’s got what he wanted out of this:

Just Wiley doing what Wiley does? Well, somehow I think this is a little more serious than all the other nonsense he’s Tweeted over the years, so I’m not sure he should be celebrating the fact that he’s Trending. I mean we all saw what happened to Nick Cannon last week when he made similar comments about Jews. It really boggles the mind that someone can be so anti-racism when it comes to discrimination against their own group identity and then jump onto social media and be so rabidly antisemitic. He’s even using the classic “it’s not racist, it’s the truth” argument to defend himself.

Then again, we’re talking about a guy who Tweeted this earlier too:

Never change, Wiley. Um actually maybe change a little bit.

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