This Is The Dopest Way To Open A Bottle Of Champagne Ever

Champagne Gun

With a 50 calibre rifle, obviously.

Everyone knows that popping a bottle of champagne is a great way to see in the new year – or to basically celebrate anything ever – but you can make popping that bottle way better with this incredible opening technique. I’ll give you a clue: it involves a 50 calibre rifle.

Surprisingly Dan Bilzerian isn’t involved in this video and it’s the guys from Full Mag who are behind this one – they also taught us the coolest way to reload a shotgun earlier this year. The video is everything you would expect it to be: one of these bros snipes a bottle of champagne from miles away with the rifle and pops the cork out perfectly.

It would be way better if he did it on the first attempt – I’m not really sure why he bothers including the other ones except maybe to show how they’re badasses who don’t care about breaking bottles of champagne everywhere – but hey, he gets it eventually and that’s better than I could ever manage.

Happy New Year, and if you can learn this trick before the ball drops then you’ll start 2015 the right way.


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