Camden Blues Kitchen Bouncer Ousted On Twitter For Unbelievable Racist Remark Towards Black Students

Racist Bouncer

Oh dear.

In a sign that outdated stereotypes still seem to sadly exist in this country, a Camden Blues Kitchen bouncer was caught out a couple of days ago when he told a group of black students they couldn’t come into the venue and should go and find somewhere that played rap music instead. It’s almost 2016 for crying out loud.

The exchange was captured by a student named Cozy on his Twitter account. Here’s what went down:

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The group tried to complain to a manager about the incident, but were told that they had been refused entry to the bar because they looked young and didn’t have ID. It turned out they all had their IDs with them though, so Cozy took to Twitter to set the matter straight.

As is usually the case with these things, the national press picked it up and the Blues Kitchen has had to retreat with its tail between its legs. Here’s what they had to say:

Following a customer complaint received [yesterday] morning, The Blues Kitchen carried out an internal investigation which resulted in the dismissal of a doorman for making a racist comment to a customer.

The Blues Kitchen is home to all colours, cultures and sexes. This isolated incident saddens us immensely.

We are desperately sorry and will ensure, through improved hiring and training procedures, that something such as this will never happen again.

Fair play I suppose, but it’s kind of outrageous they were even employing someone who would make such a stupid comment in this day and age. Sure, bouncers aren’t usually known for their temperament and ability to not make sarcastic comments, but still, dude is a complete moron. Looks like he’s paid for it now though, hard.

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