Drug Dealers Are Now Selling Drugs In Resealable Plastic Vials Because It’s ‘Better For The Environment’


I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an environmentally conscious drug dealer – it sounds like the kind thing that might feature in a Wes Anderson movie or the like – but apparently this is a genuine thing right now amid new reports from Birmingham of all places.

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One drug user decided to come forward and talk about their recent experiences with their cocaine dealer in the city to

I was given a gram of cocaine in this plastic pod thing and my dealer said they were not serving up in plastic ziploc bags or wraps any more.

He said that I could bring it back if I wanted to and he would refill it and that it would be better for the environment.

I thought he was joking but he was serious, he reckoned they used so many plastic baggies and paper and a reusable container would be easier than wrapping up individual wraps.

I told him I was not bothered about the environment and surely cocaine itself can’t be that be eco-friendly but he reckoned he had a load of hipster customers and they loved it.


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I mean that all does kind of make sense, and I’m pretty sure I’ve heard of these plastic vial things being used in Germany before. And we all know that’s a way more progressive country than over here, right? I’m not sure what the incentive is to bring them back to the dealers though unless you’re gonna get some kind of discount on your next purchase, but other than that I can’t say I’ve adverse to the idea of receiving drugs in a nice plastic vial rather than a soggy train ticket or whatever.

Hopefully it catches on and we’ll feel like we’re doing our bit for the environment when we’re all buying drugs now. Just don’t forget about all the horrible environmentally awful things that also go into getting you that wrap of cocaine as well. Just don’t think about that part of the process and we’re all A OK.

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