A Super Strong Version Of Ketamine That Makes Users Feel Like They’re Dead Is Being Sold In The UK


Be careful.

Whenever you’re buying drugs, it’s important that you trust your dealer as there’s pretty much no way to tell what you’re actually getting except for via his word.

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Unfortunately the fact that they’re drug dealers probably makes them fairly untrustworthy by their very nature and this becomes more and more of a problem when you hear that there’s a new drug out their masquerading as another one. 2-FDCK, or 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine is apparently being sold as ketamine over here by some dealers and whilst it shares some characteristics with the horse tranquilliser, the fact is that it’s actually way stronger and is making some users feel like they’re dead.

The drug is a new psychoactive substance made in labs that’s officially 1/5 X as potent as ketamine with a duration of 2-3 times as long. Multiple samples have been found at a club in Durham, so if you’re partying that way and get offered anything like that then make sure you’re wary of it. One user described the sensation as the following:


My room looked like a cartoon. I thought I was dead and I was afraid about this, but then I understood this new way of existing wasn’t terrible.

Er what? Sounds like you’re still stuck in a K Hole there pal. Or a 2-FDCK hole, whatever you wanna call it.

Either way that does sound vaguely fun if a bit weird. The main thing is to try and make sure that you know if you’re buying ketamine or 2-FDCK before you rack up a line or do a bump or whatever. Always helps to be prepared.

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