VIDEO: Horny Doctor’s Reaction After Being Caught Molesting Patients On Italian TV


Molesting women is wrong kids, DON’T DO IT.


Molesting innocent women in one of the places they should have full trust in you is really messed up. Hell, molesting women in ANY place is messed up! So this Italian doctor totally deserves to get his ass punk’d.

It all starts with him doing his usual routine check up that involves getting a lady’s baps out and pulling her trousers down, but when the doc tries to give her bazookas a lick (which she obviously doesn’t want) things start to get a bit creepy. The doc’s overstepped the line on this one. Queue Italian TV presenter waiting outside to reveal everything’s been caught on hidden camera, which is when the doctor completely loses it. The doc then goes on a one man mission to take everyone of the film crew down. He even uses some kind of nun-chuck type weapon to smash across one of the camera man’s faces (luckily not the one who was filming this video). Check it:

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE6Jk5pUdP4′]


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