Sick Chirpse Lion Tee

We’ve just released our second t-shirt – check out the details here.

You might have missed this over the bank holiday weekend because you were too busy partying or celebrating the Queen’s diamond jubilee or getting rained on or going on stag do’s or whatever, but following the success of the first Sick Chirpse t-shirt designed by Lee Casey – which sold out in about 24 hours – we have gone and released another one, this time designed by our old friend Ash Carter. Check out the design below – hopefully it won’t be as controversial as the dead baby t-shirt.

Ash doesn’t have a website – but apparently he will do soon – so the best way to support him and us at Sick Chirpse is to pick up a t-shirt. They’re a limited edition print and we’ve already sold about 1/3 of them since mid Monday so if you want one make sure you order it soon as we’re unsure if we’ll reprint it in the future so once it’s gone it could very well be gone for good. Every order gets a bunch of free Sick Chirpse stickers and a Sick Chirpse iPhone cover thrown in too.

Order the tee HERE.


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