Watch This Kid’s Life Get Crushed As He Announces Disappointing A Level Results Live On TV

Milan a levels

He looks like he’s going to cry.

I don’t know what dumbass producer thought this would be a good idea, but on today’s episode of ‘Good Morning Britain’ they decided to get A-level students to read out their results live on TV.

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Quite clearly not everyone’s going to get the grades they’re looking for and unfortunately for student Milan, that very much was the case. He explained before they opened the letters that he had hopes of attending Manchester University, but needed three As to get in. To be fair, three As is fucking hard – I’m pretty sure I wound up with a couple of Ds.

As they open their letters, the two girls who go first seem absolutely delighted with their results, but poor old Milan didn’t quite achieve what he was after. Even though the presenter tries to get him psyched about going to a different uni, you can literally see the life drain out of him. Poor kid.

Well that was horrific to watch – someone’s definitely getting fired for this.

Sounds like his exams were pretty fucking tough. Bet he could’ve done with one of these pens that automatically writes essays and answers questions for the user.


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