Watch Jeff Bezos’s New Girlfriend Thirst Over Leo DiCaprio While Bezos Looks On Helplessly

Now that’s awkward.

Welp, just goes to show – it doesn’t matter how many billions you’ve got in the bank, you simply cannot buy the charm and allure of Leonardo DiCaprio. Jeff Bezos has all the money in the world but at the end of the day he’s just a bald 5’6 nerd and his new girlfriend Lauren Sanchez knows it. What’s Bezos even supposed to do in that situation? Nothing he can do but just stand there awkwardly while his girlfriend drips puddles in the presence of Hollywood greatness. No choice but to take his emasculation like a man.

Not that Bezos has anything to worry about, mind. Lauren Sanchez is about 30 years too old for Leo DiCaprio and we all know it. Not to mention Bezos could snap his fingers and ruin Leo’s life in 5 seconds if he wanted to. Not that he would, but it’s gotta be pretty comforting knowing that he could. And Leo knows it too, considering he literally wagged his finger in her face when things started getting too heavy. Hilarious.

To watch Leo have a mental breakdown in the trailer to his star-studded upcoming movie ‘Don’t Look Up’, click HERE. Can’t wait for that one.


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