Artist Brings His Dead Cat Back To Life – As A Helicopter


A guy has transformed his dead cat into a remote-controlled helicopter. Way to pay homage to a buddy.


If you check in to Sick Chirpse regularly – and if you don’t, why the fvck not? – then you’ll know that we really love cats. However, you should also know we’ve got a pretty twisted sense of humour as well, so I suppose reading about this sort of thing on here won’t really surprise you that much.

What it is, is this artist called Bart Jansen had a cat, yeah. Well, his feline friend died after getting hit by a car and Jansen was so upset about the whole thing that he knew he couldn’t just bury his buddy and let him rot six feet under. He knew he had to pay homage to the cat – who’s named Orville, by the way – so he grabbed a beer, had another cry and then had a massive think about what the fvck he could do.

Of course, most artists are really weird, and Jansen doesn’t differ from the rest of them because he finally came up with an ‘art project’, where he’d transform his dead cat into a helicopter. Yeah, that’s right, a fvcking helicopter. So, with the help of radio control helicopter pilot, Arjen Beltman, they came up with a device that would allow the dead pussy to take to the air and Jansen could then still pretend the cat was alive. But flying obviously, instead of walking. He’s not Frankenstein or anything. I suppose you could call him SuperCat or something equally as awesome.

Weird cunt. Jansen named the dead-cat-helicopter-thing, ‘Orvillecopter.’ Creative.

Check out the flying pussy:

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