Watch Dan Btlzerian Talk About His Wildest Gambling Experiences

Dan Bilzerian

Once he lost $6 million on a coin toss.

Dan Bilzerian was once the self proclaimed King Of Instagram as he rode around the world, spending loads of money, hanging out with loads of babes and shooting a bunch of guns, but he seems to have cooled his internet present somewhat recently after a deserved backlash against him for just being a spoilt showoff really.

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Bilzeiran can’t stay away for long though and now he’s being profiled by some dude called Graham Bensinger for a TV show. In the clips below, you see Dan talk about some of his wildest gambling experiences, including losing $6 million on a coin toss and betting against a rower crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

Then in the next one he just takes Graham out on a high speed buggy into the desert to shoot some guns. Classic Dan Btlzerian videos really:

Yeah, if I told you I was going to be featuring a Dan Bilzerian video today then I’m sure you could have guessed that it was probably going to involve similar content to that what you just viewed. Seems like the guy is never gonna grow up and sort out his personal brand, but there are still enough people lapping it up that it isn’t really a problem. Don’t suppose he really cares anyway either.

For more Dan Bilzerian, here he is being really lame in the past before he got Instagram famous. Everyone has to start somewhere.


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