Police Officer Shoots Girlfriend Dead After Rejecting His Offer Of Marriage Following Three Months Of Dating


The modern day Romeo and Juliet.

They often say that the path of true love never really runs smoothly, but this story coming out of Kenya really is something that’s almost Shakespearian in its levels of tragedy. Possibly even the new Romeo and Juliet.

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Police officer Simon Njoroge Njau began dating 23 year old Anne Wanjohi three months ago in the city of Nairobi and quickly fell in love with her. Unfortunately, she didn’t feel the same way.

Njau went to see her at the internet cafe where she worked in the city centre last week, and as she was busy dealing with a customer she told him to go away and come back later. Njau did just that and dropped to his knees in order to propose to her.


It was well known within the cyber cafe that Anne planned to break up with him and so it was no surprise whens he rejected his proposal. Njau took this about as badly as could be, shooting Anne and then threatening her co workers if they intervened. He managed to shoot her five times before turning the gun on himself in an attempt to commit suicide.

Nobody else was hurt in the incident but Anne unfortunately did not survive her wound. Njau initially survived despite shooting himself in the bicep and chest three times, but succumbed in hospital to his wounds a couple of days later.

RIP to Anne, not so sure about Simon. Either way it’s a tragedy that shouldn’t have happened. If you learn anything from this, then it’s not to try and attempt to solve relationship problems with violence. It’s not a good idea.

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