Lil Pump Got Attacked By A Snake During His New Music Video Shoot (VIDEO)

Snake saw something it didn’t like.

Lil Pump started the year off strong with a video of porn star Riley Reid smoking a blunt through his toes, and obviously his year couldn’t get much better after that.

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Well it didn’t get better, it got much worse in fact, because Lil Pump is rounding off 2019 by getting attacked by a snake on the set of his new music video:

Not sure why but I kinda enjoyed that – I mean the guy is pretty annoying to be fair. But then I’d probably be annoying too if I was a 19-year-old millionaire rapper who wears ridiculous amounts of jewellery and gets chatted up by porn stars on Twitter. Don’t know why he’s saying the N word though, did he do a DNA test on MyHeritage or something?

Anyway I guess we can’t blame Lil Pump for not knowing how to handle a snake. The snake probably just saw something it didn’t like – a bit like this Indonesian kid who got his face bitten by one.


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