These Uncovered Photos Reveal That Dan Bilzerian Used To Be Seriously Lame


Long before the days of Instagram.

The old saying goes that if you dig around long enough on the internet, then you’ll always find some dirt on someone – and it turns out that even that’s true of Instagram king Dan Bilzerian.

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Although Dan is looked up to by millions of guys around the world now as a bonafide icon thanks to his pictures of him hanging out with countless babes, spending big money and shooting loads of guns while playing with expensive things that his daddy’s inheritance allowed him to buy, he wasn’t always as cool and buff as he is now. He wasn’t hanging out with the plethora of hot girls like he does now either.

Here’s a selection of some of the lamest looking photos:









Cool joint bro. I mean it doesn’t exactly look like he’s got it all bad, but he’s nowhere near like the chiseled hunk he is now (what is that tracksuit all about?) and it doesn’t look like he’s hanging out with the standard of babe he is these days either.

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He just basically looks like the stereotypical rich guy whose parents’ money buys him a good time but he’s kind of a lame dude. At least now he’s actually putting the time and effort into make himself look like a complete and utter badass. I suppose you’ve gotta respect him for that at least.

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