Everyone Knows This Famous Photo, But Have You Seen The One Taken Fifteen Minutes After?

Famous Builders On Crane In New York Picture

What do you think happened to these guys fifteen minutes after the original photo? The answer will probably surprise you.

Famous Builders On Crane In New York Picture

Everyone’s seen this photograph. It’s on loads of gift cards and stuff. I’m not really sure why as it doesn’t really say anything or mean anything, but I guess it’s just a cool photograph. I mean I even saw a ripoff of it with the cast of Friends sitting up there and you know something’s big when the cast of Friends pastiches it right?

Personally, I find the picture fucking terrifying. I’m really scared of heights and actually get that thing when I’m on a bridge or high up where I just picture myself jumping off the edge in my mind and it’s horrible, and the idea of balancing on a crane  miles above the New York City skyline eating my lunch with no safety equipment or anything makes me want to crawl under my bed and never come out. Petrifying.

I think I probably have thought in the past about how these guys got down or if any of them fell or anything happened to them, but like so many thoughts I never bothered to follow up on them and actually find out if anything happened to these guys or not. Things just fall by the wayside, I’m sure you know what I mean.

Amazingly though the other day I stumbled across this picture which was apparently taken 15 minutes after the original iconic shot. Looks like whatever they were eating really filled them up because they had to have a little lie down immediately afterwards.

Although six of the men are gone I don’t think any of them are dead or anything, they probably just climbed down. This picture looks even more dangerous than the original though. I mean how many times when you lie down are you instantly comfortable? All it would take is one wrong roll and you would be out of there…Scary shit huh?

Check out the photo below:

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