The British Public Are Really Stupid

Depressing but unsurprising new evidence reveals most people in this country are every bit as hysterical, gullible and easily-led as you feared.

Muslim Kids

6 Religion

Perception: Twenty-four per cent of people in England and Wales are Muslim and 34 per cent are Christian. Pretty soon we won’t be able to celebrate Easter as it’ll be deemed “insensitive.”

Reality: Five per cent of people in England and Wales are Muslim, compared to 59 per cent who are Christian. Oh.

Overseas Aid

5 Overseas Aid

Perception: Twenty-six per cent of people think overseas aid is among the top three items of government spending. Stop giving those STUPID AIDS orphans all that money, you’re spoiling them.

Reality: Overseas aid constituted £7.9 billion, or 1.1 per cent, of expenditure, in 2011/12, compared to pensions at £74 billion and education at £51.5 billion. So whoever the Government is spoiling, it sure as shit isn’t anyone further away than the Isle Of Wight.

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