This New Book Shows ‘The Inside Of A UFO’ For The First Time


I want to believe.

For as long as I’ve been alive, the question of the existence of aliens has been on that has plagued humanity and it’s also one that I don’t think we’ve come any closer to answering, despite numerous people claiming they have ‘proof’.

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The latest of these is 73 year old Italian author Dr Roberto Pinotti. He’s publishing a new book detailing the  story of a UFO that landed on the Adriatic coast in 1957 and featuring pictures of the inside of its cockpit as well as of the alien piloting it. Right.

Check out the pictures below, as well as what Pinotti had to say about them:

These rare and extraordinary photographs, as well as two photographs of the alleged extraterrestrial pilot… have been published here for the first time.

Much of the information in this book is being published in English for the very first time.

The book contains a whole array of UFO/alien contact cases from Italy but surely one of the most unusual incidents is this one from 1957.

It is the only case that I am aware of that allegedly has photographs of the inside of the UFO.

The aliens wanted to be friends, allowin two people inside the UFO to take photos.

In them, you can see inside a cockpit with seating, control panel and other objects, as well as the pilot.

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Yeah, I don’t know if I’m that convinced by these photographs to be honest are you? For a start, why has it taken almost 60 years for them to emerge into publication if they’re so important, although that really is a moot point when you consider how crappy they look.

I mean who would have thought that the inside of a UFO looks like a desk and a chair. And that an alien pilot just looks like a regular dude with sunglasses on. If you want to try and fool the world I think you’ve gotta do better than this Pinotti. Just saying.

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