Twitch Streamer Breaks Down After Being Caught Watching X-Rated Deepfakes Of Female Streamers


Twitch streamer Atrioc has issued a tearful apology after being busted watching X-rated deepfakes of female streamers – some of whom he is friends with.

Atrioc made the fatal error of not deleting his browser history (or rather, ensuring he didn’t expose it to the world), with the still below containing a Chrome tab that showed he’d been watching deepfake porn of streamers Pokimane and Maya Higa:

This led to a video apology by Atrioc who was joined by his wife in what was essentially a video of two adults crying over porn:

 “I was on a regular-ass normal website and there was an ad, there’s an ad on every f**king video for this f**king… I know other people must be clicking it because it’s on every f**king video.

I click it and I’m f**king in this f**king rabbit hole and at 2am I f**king, I dunno I got morbidly curious and I click something. It’s gross, it’s gross and I’m sorry, I really am. I really f**king am.

I just really want to get it to go out there it’s not a f**king pattern of behaviour. There is no excuse for it. I’m not defending it in any way, I think this whole category of stuff is wrong.”

Is he crying because he watched a deepfake porn or because he got caught doing it? I’m guessing the latter.

Obviously it’s plain to see why there’s concern over the deepfake porn category; you can pretty much make a porn featuring anyone and use their name and likeness against their will, which is what’s happened here with Pokimane and Maya Hina and any other female Twitch streamer who’s been deepfaked on porn sites. It’s just pretty pathetic to watch a grown man cry because he got caught wxnking to the stuff. But I guess he’s gotta do what he has to do in order to appease the community. Let’s see how it plays out for him…

pokimane on Twitter: "🤍🖤" / Twitter

Maya Higa partners with Hulu - Dot Esports

Thoughts and prayers with the lad who injured his penis from wxnking too much to female gamers. These deepfakes are going to finish him.


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