You Will Never Want To Eat Gummy Sweets Again After Watching This Video


I’m going vegan.

Most people probably think that gummy bears and other gelatine based sweets are absolutely delicious and awesome, but if everyone knew about the revolting process by which they are made then they might not think so anymore.

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That’s what this video aims to do. It’s made by a Belgian TV show called ‘On Food’ which traces the process by which certain foods are made in reverse. You see the food on your plate and then it rolls it back to where it all began. As you can see from this video, gummy sweets are made from chopped dead animal remains, tonnes of sugar and boiled chemicals. Yummy right?

Oh my God. Kinda feel traumatised and sick from that. I doubt I’m going to stop eating gummy bears though because they’re so delicious. I might tone down my intake of them though. Is there anything in this world that isn’t completely disgusting to eat once you find out where it’s from? Oh right yeah, vegan food, of course.

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