Metalcore Singer Cliches

Enjoy all your favourite metalcore singer cliches courtesy of this genius video – remember stereotypes only exist because they’re true.

If you’ve ever been to a metalcore gig (and I’m guessing a sizeable portion of the Chirpse readership has) then you’ll be well aware of the many and several things that singers say while they’re taking care of business onstage.

One young man has certainly seen and heard his share, because he’s made this genius video which compiles everything ever said by every metalcore vocalist ever.

It’s somewhat ironic that for a genre of music with bands that pride themselves on “not fitting in” and “being individual”, they all look, sound and speak EXACTLY THE SAME. All the guy in this video is missing is generic tattoos and a snapback.

Anyway, this video is brilliant and hilarious, with note-perfect musical interludes. CIRCLE PIT!!!!

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