Anti Lockdown Protesters Hit London On Freedom Day To Protest Lockdown


So here we are on July 19th – the so called ‘Freedom Day’ – where we’re no longer legally required to wear masks and socially distance and can go out to the club and dance or whatever, despite the fact that cases are rising all over the shop and leading scientists are saying that decision could have a detrimental impact on the whole entire world’s recovery from the pandemic.

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I don’t really want to get too into that debate, but in somewhat crazy news a whole bunch of anti lockdown protesters have descended on Westminster today to protest against the lockdown despite the fact that it’s officially over today and they’ve finally got everything that they’ve been campaigning for over the last 18 months. It’s been said that some of them are protesting against vaccines, some of them want Boris Johnson arrested for ‘crimes against humanity’ and others were sounding off about coronavirus court orders and fines imposed during lockdowns.

Yeah, not really sure what the point of all this is when they could be hitting up the pub/bar with their friend, going to the gym or checking out some live music, but I guess some people just love protesting about shit. Hopefully they had a good day and feel like they got something out of it because I’m not sure if their ‘demands’ are going to be taken seriously on a day when the government literally ended all the restrictions we’ve had to live with for the past eighteen months. Let’s hope it’s the right decision.

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