America Created The Islamic State: Fact Or Fiction?

It might sound a bit screwball that America created IS. Unfortunately, it isn’t.

Here at Sick Chirpse Towers we like a good conspiracy theory. They’re always entertaining; the wilder the better. Whether it’s the oddities at Denver Airport, or unexplainable underwater sounds, we’re all over it.

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To be fair, we rarely believe the hype (although I totally believe in the yeti), but conspiracy theories are always interesting, or ridiculous, or both.

When I first started writing this article about America creating the Islamic State (IS), I expected it to be a flimsy tale involving LSD tests and alien balls. I was wrong. This isn’t one of those conspiracy theories that you can only find on a crappy YouTube video, this is the real deal. In fact, calling it a conspiracy theory is a bit unfair, this fella holds a lot of water.

Having said that, the theory that America created IS runs along a continuum. At the madder end of the scale there are those that believe America carefully designed and specifically handcrafted IS to destabilise the Middle East. At the thinner, more believable end of the wedge are those that believe IS was born as a direct consequence of America’s actions, but not necessarily on purpose.

Both ends have some truth to them, but it is the narrower definition which is most believable; America perhaps didn’t conceive of this disgusting group of butchers at a board meeting, then roll out a strategy to make them from scratch, but the US’ actions, errors and terrorism certainly did create the right conditions for their creation, fuel the discontent to give them strength and provide them with weapons.

The Confusion

The Birth of IS - Middle East Map

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Getting to the bottom of these stories and unravelling the detail is tricky. The situation in the Middle East has been totally screwed for such a long time it’s a difficult task to hear the truth behind the noise.

Recently, this problem of complexity derailed a British court. A Swedish fella – Bherlin Gildo – was on trial in London for backing a terrorist group in Syria. The trial collapsed. Why? Because it came to light that the British government had been arming the exact same group that Gildo was being prosecuted for assisting.

The Brits had been providing training, logistical support and the secret supply of “arms on a massive scale” to the same Syrian rebel group. The judge dropped the case to save embarrassing the British intelligence service any further.

The Arab world is a confusing place. Endless power struggles, regime changes and coups mean that a freedom fighter can easily be viewed as a martyr or a terrorist depending on whose side you’re on. The West’s perception of who is on the good team and who is on the bad team entirely depends on which team America is backing at that particular point in time.

If America is backing one set of guys, the American media tells us they are goodies. A few years later down the line when that group isn’t helpful for their oil goals, bish bash bosh, they’re now baddies and can be arrested without trial, tortured and detained for as long as they see fit.

Basically, nobody knows what’s going on. This isn’t a James Bond-esque goodies vs baddies deal. To get to the bottom of things we need to step back in time…

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