Machete Attack In South East London Leaves One Beheaded And Two Shot Dead; Rapper Boya Dee Livetweets The Incident

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It’s not every day someone gets beheaded with a machete in South East London in the middle of the day. Rapper Boya Dee just happened to be walking past at the time and live tweeted it – his account is equal parts horrific and hilarious.

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This is pretty messed up. No, screw that it’s really messed up. Basically there are a bunch of reports going around now that there was some kind of incident in Woolwich in South East London where two black dudes rolled up in a car and ran over some white dude with a Help Is For Heroes t-shirt – who is apparently a serving soldier in the army – then got out of the car and literally cut him up with meat cleavers and a machete. This included beheading him.

The cops were called and surrounded these two guys, then some special forces were called after that and surrounded these two guys as well. Apparently, the two guys just tried to attack the cops with their knives/machetes/meat cleavers etc but just ended up getting shot straight up. Idiots. They aren’t dead yet but are in a critical condition in hospital.

No idea what’s going on there but that’s some pretty messed up shit right there huh? Kinda reminiscent of the Miami ‘cannibal’ attack last year. Maybe bath salts are getting big over here now? Who knows. Here’s a picture from Twitter which shows what appears to be some of the dead/injured guys in the road:

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Now, this situation is undeniably messed up, and not really the kind of thing that seems to happen in England every day of the week. However, what is possibly more messed up – in an equal parts horrific and hilarious kind of way – is the account that some rapper/MC called Boya Dee – who seems to be somewhat of a minor celebrity – decided to post on his Twitter account.

Let’s just say it’s a ‘unique’ account of what went down. You can follow Boya Dee on Twitter here and check out his account of the incident just below. Of course, you’ve got to wonder what the hell else he has seen if this is only in the top three most messed up things he’s ever seen and not number one? I mean seriously?!

As there aren’t actually that many more facts about this going around at the moment we can’t really say much else, but if it does turn out that these guys were on bath salts or there’s another equally messed up reason that all this went down then we’ll be sure to let you know. Stay tuned.

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