Unbelievable Road Rage Attack

Unbelievable Road Rage Attack Australia

People used to talk about road rage all the time and it was a real buzzword but I can’t really remember anyone using it in a while. Some dude in Australia is trying to bring it back with this terrifying car chase and violent attack that was somehow all caught on camera.

Unbelievable Road Rage Attack Australia

Thanks to Josh Stokes with the tip on this one. I’m guessing a few of you have probably seen it because it came out the week before Christmas and has about 2 million views on YouTube but it’s NYE and I just want to party so I can’t really be assed to find stuff to write about and in addition to that it is actually a really good video. So yeah like I said in the blurb you never really hear that much about road rage anymore but I remember back in the 90’s it used to be a pretty big problem – in so much that people used to moan about it a a lot and it used to be all over the newspapers – but it hasn’t seemed to be a problem in the UK for a while thankfully. That’s because it seems like all the road rage problems have been deported to Australia.

This obviously makes sense because Australia is full of criminals (ho ho ho) so they are bound to be of a violent disposition, right and this video seems to prove it. It’s basically some clip from some kind of anthology show over in Australia where this guy is being violently harassed in a road rage incident. For some reason he has a camera on the dashboard of his car though so you get to see the whole ordeal play out live in real time. Of course, this doesn’t stop the show replaying some of the most innocuous parts of the chase over and over again. You know, for extra effect and to make it seem even more terrifying than it actually was.

You also get the guy and the presenter of the show sitting on a couch and watching the video and you get a running commentary from the dude on it. The way he’s talking kind of makes it seem a bit like a version of the Jeremy Kyle show but with a video of the incidents happening instead of people just talking about it and then squaring up to each other afterward. It’s a pretty cool concept but probably hardly ever happens ever because who the hell ever has a film of their most harrowing experience? Did anyone ask this dude why he actually had a camera on his dashboard in the first place? That’s kind of weird behaviour huh, and he seems to have it in place from the start of the incident too, which implies he was just randomly filming his route to work or whatever. That’s kinda weird. Of course, you have to be thankful for this though because thanks to this tape you get to see the incident play out and also get to hear how much a of a pussy he was when he was on the phone to the police during it which is a pretty lolz dialogue.

That might make it sound kinda dramatic but to be fair the video is pretty crazy. For pretty much no reason – all this guy did was brake and the road rage guy ran into the back of him, which is surely HIS fault in every country in the world – this guy chased him around, banged into him, tried to run him off the road for about five minutes and then boxed him in and smashed his windscreen up, which is pretty mental. I don’t know if I would be as big a pussy about it as the guy in the video, but there’s no denying that it’s pretty messed up and the footage kinda reminds me of one of those POV movies that are so popular these days, like Project X or End Of Watch or Chronicle or whatever, and you can kind of imagine it being the plot of one of those movies too. Watch out for that in cinemas soon, you heard it here first.

You also get to find out that in Australia that instead of calling 999 you call 000. How stupid/weird is that?!? You would think because numbers are pretty much universal that the emergency number should be the same in every country as that makes way more sense right, because then tourists  – who are probably the most susceptible to attack or crime or whatever – would know exactly what number to call. I mean if I was in Australia and got mugged or something I wouldn’t know to call 000 at all unless I had seen this video. Just employ me as President of the world whenever you want guys. Happy new year. Enjoy the video below:

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