A Video Of A Syrian Rebel Eating A Soldier’s Heart Has Gone Viral

Syrian Rebels

Stuff is pretty serious over in Syria right now but this video has taken it to a whole new level and a level of hatred that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

Syrian Rebels

So yeah, obviously stuff is pretty messed up over in Syria and this isn’t exactly gonna help the situation over there, although the Human Rights Watch has cited it as as further evidence that the country has descended into sectarian violence and that war crimes are being committed over there. I guess that might help raise awareness and get someone in there to help sort it out, but I really do doubt it considering how long that country has been in conflict for.

Anyway, in the video one of the founders of the rebel Farouq Brigade named Abu Saddar is shown cutting apart the body of a dead Syrain soldier and then addressing the camera and saying something. Reuters has translated this as ‘I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.’ He then tucks into the heart like it ain’t no big thing whilst the crowd behind him erupts into shouts of ‘Allahu akbar’ which apparently means God is great. Pretty grim viewing.

Stuff gets even grimmer when you vist the Facebook page of the group whose logo is plastered all over the video who call themselves The Syrian Truth. The video has been posted on their page and has almost 2000 shares but I don’t know if this is because people want to see someone eat a heart because it’s kind of freaky and weird (hey I clicked on it and now I’m writing an article about it) or because they actually believe in the sentiment behind it. I’m not sure if one of those reasons is actually that much better than the other either.

Here are the comments that accompany the video on The Syrian Truth Facebook page:

‘The Syrian reality | # Video publishing and sharing important | Freaky-free terrorist pulls up the heart one of the Syrians and eat + 21 his Bagram limitless but skip within reason and within humanity, bringing up to eat meat and searched offices of Syrian bodies to revolutions and freedoms terrorist video free, Al-Qaida terrorists (seeking freedom) by killing one of the Syrians and then uprooting his heart from his chest cavity with a knife and then eats the heart cold blooded these freedoms for which they wish to export to our video is very important for Syria and participating we request all support comments and impressive section on YouTube to prevent delete l i k e s h a r ✔ e’

Ok obviously that’s a pretty terrible translation (thanks Bing) but it doesn’t sound too good does it? The fact that the video hasn’t been deleted from Facebook or YouTube yet because of this when way less offensive stuff – I’m mainly talking about smut and sex stuff – gets whisked off there straight away doesn’t really seem right to me, but I guess when religion is involved you just can’t do anything, even if it’s a video of someone eating someone else’s heart!?!? WTF?

I hope if anything that this video gets people to take notice of what is going on in Syria and speeds up the process of sorting it out, because I don’t think it’s that cool that people are going around defiling dead bodies and eating their hearts. No matter who’s side you are on in the conflict there is just absolutely no way that that is right and should be allowed to continue.

I’m not gonna host the video on Sick Chirpse because it’s probably one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen (maybe even grosser than the snuff movie I watched that time) but if you really want to see it you can check it out here. It’s really awful and pretty graphic though so maybe only go for it if you haven’t eaten your dinner yet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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