Here’s The Reason Why Coca Cola Tastes Better Out Of A Glass Bottle

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We finally have an answer.

Finally an answer to one of life’s great mysteries — someone has explained why Coke tastes so much better out of a glass bottle.

According to scientist and founder of Science by Design, Sarah Risch, it is to do with the materials and how the liquid reacts in each container.

Coca cola glass bottles

She says:

Packaging and food companies always try and minimise the reaction — but this will always slightly occur.

So, Coke in a can is lined with polymers to stop the drink reacting with the metal but the can will always absorb some of the flavour.

And a plastic bottle does the opposite and some of the flavour transfers into the drink.

But the glass container reacts with the drink the least, meaning you get the purest Coke flavour out of the three.

Fat man drinking Coke

Bit of an anti-climax to be fair, but at least we can now all sleep easier. From now on, I will be spending that extra couple of quid so that I can have the privilege of having my brown, carbonated sugar water completely uncontaminated. Much healthier.

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