Weatherman Gets Fired For Using Fart Noises To Represent Windy Weather

Szilard Horvath weatherman

When did fart gags become funny again? Oh yeah, they didn’t.

I thought fart gags stopped being funny past the age of 12. Maybe I was mistaken or at least Hungarian TV weatherman Szilard Horvath would beg to differ as he thought it would be a right old laugh to use fart noises to make a joke about ‘windy weather’. Funny guy.

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During the broadcast he used dodgy sound affects and pretended he was passing wind – again, surely only a pre-teen would find that funny? The TV2 channel didn’t see the amusing side either as they swiftly took down the clip from its website before firing Horvath.

Erm, OK, so I did just moan at his gag and I stand by what I said about it not being funny, but fire him? Surely that’s taking it a little bit too far. Yeah, that was lame as fuck, but just sit him down and let him know how dumb that was. Poor guy has probably got to go and find another weather presenting job now with that blemish on his CV. Check it out:

See what I mean? That is so shit it’s almost awkward to watch. Apparently he took to social media to complain about being fired and compared his act to Mr. Bean. Yeah, not quite mate.

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