WATCH: Nutters Attach Fireworks To Quadcopter To Create Attack Drone

Quadcopter + Roman candles = health and safety nightmare.

Recently there have been plenty of disturbing news items about drones being used to bomb the crap out of the Middle East. It’s certainly no laughing matter. However, these duffuses running round in the snow in their shorts being fired at certainly is a laughing matter.

There are a butt-tonne of great drone videos around these days and people are constantly attempting to go one bigger, better or weirder than the last. This is the next step I guess.

Some fellas stuck a couple of Roman candles onto a quadcopter and chased each other around a snow field getting shot at. Yes, it is daft and no, it certainly shouldn’t be tried at home, or in anyone else’s home. Or outside anyone’s home.

Thankfully someone else has done this so that we don’t have to:

It seems like these lively chaps managed to escape without injury… but it’s only a matter of time. Fireworks are dangerous folks. Remember that mental Asian firework powered UFO? Well, it was very dangerous. What about those Chinese kids playing real life Angry Birds with fireworks? They were asking for trouble too.

Safety first, yeah?


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