Video Leaks Showing Moment Man Fatally Necks Bottle Of Tequila In Drinking Contest

Man tequila

Game over.

These days, there are a lot of YouTubers out there who neck entire bottles of alcohol in an aim to get more video views. Every time I see one of these videos online, it makes me wonder how they make it through the other end alive.

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Sadly for this 23-year-old guy, he didn’t. The video shows a man neck a bottle of tequila at a nightclub in the Dominican Republic as part of a drinking competition. Although he won about $2000, he sadly lost his life that night.

There’s no others news on this video aside from the fact that the man in the video died. Just shocking and such a pointless way to go. This video should act as a warning to be careful when drinking large doses of booze. Go easy guys, our bodies are no indestructible.

Basically, don’t imitate this guy – how NOT to drink alcohol 101.


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