Comedians And Actors RIPPED Into Harvey Weinstein As He Attended NYC Actor Showcase

Worst night out ever.

Hollywood’s biggest creep and serial rapist Harvey Weinstein – who for some reason is not in jail yet -was in attendance at Actors Hour, an invite-only event at Downtime bar in New York on Wednesday night.

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Comedian Kelly Bachman, herself a rape survivor, spotted Weinstein in the crowd and went straight for the jugular. I mean what did he expect was going to happen?

Actress Zoe Stuckless then walked right up to Weinstein’s table and went nuts on him, before eventually being asked to leave. I guess there’s only so much of a scene you can cause eh?

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PLEASE READ THIS WHOLE THING!!!!! Tonight was one of the most surreal nights of my life. I went to an event called Actors Hour, whose mission statement is to empower emerging artists and to “create an open space for creatives to share what they love.” After a while, a friend of mine pointed out a man sitting in a booth. It was Harvey Weinstein, surrounded by a cadre of young women and two bodyguards. He wasn’t hiding. He came to watch young artists be vulnerable on stage. The show started, and no one said anything. At first I didn’t think it was him. There was no way. But then a comic got on stage and called out to the crowd to address “the elephant in the room.” As soon as she alluded to his presence in the room the event organizers, the bartenders, and a number of others booed her into silence. She continued her set, stunned into compliance. I was sitting there, and the more that I sat there waiting for the event organizers to kick him out, or for another performer to call him out, or for the audience to revolt, the more I found myself paralyzed by the silence. He was sitting there, allowed to laugh and clap and drink and flirt and no one was saying anything. The more I sat there the more furious I was at all of our inaction. I thought about all of the voices that have been silenced over so many years. I thought about the artists, the women, who were paralyzed by the same fear that I felt, surrounded by colleagues who were intimidated into a culture of silence and passivity. This room was a microcosm of our whole community. And I couldn’t sit there and let him laugh. So I spoke up. I was kicked out of the bar tonight. His bodyguards herded me out. The event organizers were happy to see me go. In some ways tonight was a horrible, painful reminder of the power a man like Weinstein holds even now. It was a reminder that even in this time of relative awareness it is hypnotically easy to be pulled into a culture of silence. However, it was also a reminder that our voices have so much more power when we stand together. Our passivity is poison. We need to stand together, and we need to speak up. Or this poison will fester, only encouraged by our fear.

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The most baffling part of all this is why the people who organised the event invited Harvey Weinstein in the first place. Seriously, what were they thinking?? I don’t think there’s anyone with a worse reputation in Hollywood right now. Anyone who has read the victim statements from women he sexually assaulted knows he’s a very unpleasant and dangerous dude – and this is the guy you want as a guest at your event?

If you don’t believe me you can read Cara Delevigne’s account of meeting him HERE. Or Salma Hayek’s HERE. There’s loads more too.


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