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Many of you may have come across this website, People of Walmart, it’s been going since August 2009 and it’s still banging out the LOLz. For anyone who’s missed this wonder garden of ming mongs, it’s as simple as it sounds: photos and videos of people who look bat bastard crazy, in and around Walmart shopping centres. Nothing subtle about it. Once again I am reminded how lucky-shitting-lucky I am that the internet wasn’t born when I was a pre-teen. I once walked around Bristol town centre on a busy summer’s day, at the spakky age of about 11, wearing trainers, neon socks and luminous yellow cycling shorts. That’s all. Nothing else. I am soooo pleased no one caught that in a transmittable and reproducible format. The people that follow are not so lucky, although, to be honest, they are all fully sighted and old enough to know much, much better.

Here’s a few of my faves. There seems to be a lot of people in to “hulking” over there, which is a term I learnt from the site. It needs no written explanation –

People of Walmart - Hulking

People of Walmart - Hulking 2

This poor lady has back-tits –

People of Walmart - Back Cleavage

I know people with dreads say that they don’t smell (they do smell by the way, you just can’t tell because they are permanently inches from your nose and your brain has to cancel out the smell before it explodes) but even you must admit that this probably kicks up a stench –

People of Walmart - Massive DreadI’ve never been jealous of a haircut…. until now –

People of Walmart - Ultra Mullett

It also seems as though baring a large proportion of your lower portion is fine and dandy in Walmart. Asda is owned by Walmart, you wouldn’t get this sort of crack action in the Henley-on-Thames branch, I can tell you that for free –

People of Walmart - Under Dressed 2

People of Walmart - Under Dressed

And if you’re still gagging for more, here’s a photo compilation video to finish you off. Before I leave you, could I ask that next time you are in a supermarket you keep an eye out for weirdos and for fucks sake get a picture and send it to me yeah? @timboynewtron #supermarketmingmongs

☛ More Walmart: Woman Publicly Shames Man For Masturbating In Walmart Toilet

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