VIDEO: Fearless Russians Play Chess In A Frozen Lake

Russians Frozen Lake

Russians doing what Russians do.

Classic Russians, am I right? Who else but these guys would pull a number like this. First they’re taking anxiety inducing selfies atop of massive buildings, then they’re engaging in knife-shovel fights and now this.

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Chess is typically a smart mans game. A game of wits, where full use of ya’ noggin is essential if you’re going to outdo your opponent, assuming it’s a proper match and not just some late night drunken homage to chess.

So that’s why we can’t help thinking playing chess while bathing in a frozen lake can only serve as a bit of a distraction. You’d be a fool to second guess Russians though, as they’ve done just that: Literally stripping off, taking the plunge, and doing battle on the chess board.

They’re not scared about the prospect in the slightest, and even willingly throw buckets of icy water over each other beforehand.

They then head straight to a mobile sauna in a truck once the game is over — but it doesn’t make their resistance to the icy waters seem any less impressive and classically Russian.


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