This Is One Of The Most Unbelievable Amateur Wrestling Moves In History

Insane Amateur Wrestling Move

This doesn’t even look like it would work in professional wrestling.

Amateur wrestling is nowhere near as entertaining as professional wrestling – there aren’t any storylines or characters to begin with and most of the time it’s just two guys on the floor hugging each other for the majority of the match.

That’s why it’s crazy when you see an absolutely insanely athletic move like this in a match and why it’s something to get excited about. In the video below, the one dude has the other guy’s leg in his arm and somehow the guy manages to do a backflip and actually pull the other guy forward with the strength of the leg that he is holding which ends up with him slamming his face into the floor.

It’s unbelievably athletic and the kind of thing you might see someone like Rey Mysterio Jr doing, although all the haters would comment on it saying there was no way his leg was strong enough to do something like that. But it’s actually real this time.

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See what I mean? To be honest I can’t actually believe he managed to pull it off because it looks more likely that he would have ripped his knee apart from the starting position if he attempted anything like that. but fair play to the guy, he absolutely nailed it.

I still can’t really get over how unlikely it looks that it happened – it’s almost ridiculous as this wrestling move from last week when a guy flipped someone over just using his penis. Yes, you read that correctly.


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