VIDEO: Weird Five Second Trick Can Prove Your Friends Are Liars

Q Test

Wanna know if everyone you know is lying? Try this trick on them.

Celebrity psychologist (pshhhh) Richard Wiseman explains in the video below how to tell if someone is a liar – all you need to do is get them to trace a Q on the top of their forehead.

Apparently if they trace the Q with the tail on the left side, then that means they intend the Q to be legible to other people, which means subconsciously they care about other people’s perceptions and as such are probably good liars.

However, if they trace the Q with the tail on the right side, that means that the Q won’t be legible to other people and only you can read it and are likely to be an introvert – and hence not very good at lying.

I don’t know if I believe Richard Wiseman on this but it’s a neat little trick, and the results of the test definitely worked for me. Did it work for you?

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