The US Must “Start Killing Russians” According To Fox News Interview

Fox News decide to incite the murder of Russians. Good one dickheads.

Fox News are a bunch of proper low-brow, ape-like, semi-human, bottom feeders with plums for brains and marbles for balls. Every time something major happens in this world they either get the wrong end of the stick or trip down the stairs grappling for the right end.

The shameful idiocy they recently spouted about areas of the UK where non-Muslims can no longer go is a case in point. The fact that millions of Americans watch this type of dross on a daily basis is appauling. Of course there are plenty of Americans who know full well that Fox News is palpable shite, but there are still millions more who take Fox News as gospel and have no idea what half-baked sludge they are being spoon fed.

The Fox News clip below was aired a couple of days back and shows an interview with the former US Army Major General Robert H. Scales on the issue of Ukraine. Now, to give Fox a little bit of credit, at least this guy should have had a credible view point on political and military issues, he was a senior military man after all. But OMG, he’s a moron.

Scales says:

It’s game, set and match in Ukraine. The only way the United States can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is start killing Russians. Killing Russians by… Killing so many Russians that even Putin’s media can’t hide the fact that Russians are returning to their motherland in body bags.

Well done you mong. Check this:

I’m assuming that this is the political line Scales has been asked to spin, which worryingly points to the possibility that the US is planning on wading into this situation in a typically destructive and unhelpful way.

Putin’s takeover of regions of Ukraine definitely is way below the belt and it needs to be addressed, but you don’t see the US wading in to help people who aren’t politically useful to them in any sort of hurry do you? Why are they so bothered about killing Russians when there is trouble on so many fronts in Africa for instance?

Yes, the problem in Ukraine is sinister and much, much worse than we are getting to see in the media over here in the West. The Baltic states are pooping their pants that Putin has them in mind for a takeover next, and they’re members of NATO (unlike Ukraine) so if the Baltics get bothered by the bears, then things really could get dirty fast.

What the frig can we do about Fox News though?


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