Uni Students Arrested After Crawling Through Air Duct To Steal Exam From Professor’s Office

It was the perfect plan (almost).

Some students spend the entire year waking up early, going to their seminars/lectures, taking notes and really cracking the books to ensure they ace their exams.

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Others just sleep in and take it easy knowing full well that when it comes to exam season, they can go Mission Impossible-mode and infiltrate their professor’s office to steal the exam before they have to sit it.


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That was the case for a pair of University of Kentucky students, although unfortunately for them they didn’t count on their professor being a night owl and catching them in the act.

21-year-old Harry Lynch II, a Biosystems engineering student, crawled through the air duct of his professor’s building in the middle of the night to break into his office and steal a copy of an upcoming statistics exam.

Once he reached the third floor office, Harry dropped down 8 feet from the ceiling and opened the office door from the inside for his mate Troy Kiphuth, also 21 and studying agricultural economics.

Well, Professor John Cain tried to enter his office at 1:30am and found that something was blocking the door from the inside.

Police state:

He yelled out that he was calling the police and then the door swung open and two young men ran down the hallway.

Sensing the professor would recognise he was behind it, Harry returned to the Multidiscipllinary Science Building and confessed what he had done.

Both he and Troy were arrested and charged with third degree burglary.


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Sounds like it would have been the perfect crime, if only the Professor hadn’t been returning to work at 1:30am like some kind of lunatic. But that’s more bad luck than anything else, so it shouldn’t detract from what was a pretty slick plan from Harry and his mate. If only their timing had been better, they’d have got away with it.

Believe it or not, there is a more epic way to cheat on your exams, as these students in India demonstrated recently.


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