Indian Students Caught Cheating In Exams In The Most Epic Fashion Ever

Indian students take cheating on exams to a whole new level.

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When I was at school there would be the occasional person who’d get rollocked for taking some cheat sheets into an exam, but most people were either too scared or dim to pull it off. It was drilled in to you that exams were sacred and not to be frigged about with. Although if that kid dressing up as the guy from Fifty Shades Of Grey is anything to go by, school has changed a bit since I was there.

Having said that, one of my friends did once decide to give cheating a go. He wrote some helpful notes on his upper thigh, forgetting that pulling your trousers down to half mast during an exam was just a tad suspicious.

Students in Bihar, India however are nowhere near as shy or sneaky. It’s less “sneak peak” more “prolonged stare“. The image above shows parents and friends trying to pass correct answers to the students in the exam room. Subtle?

The Bihar School Examination Board know they have a cheating problem, but these pictures really slam that fact home hard. There have been reports of clashes between police and parents, there are also claims that policemen and security officers have been taking bribes as students slip whole text books past them.

Here’s a few more pictures across the next few slides. I think the system might be broken:

India Students Cheat Bihar Exam Building - Notes

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