Thuggee – Mass Murdering Thieves Of India

The Thuggee gave us the English word “thug” and it’s easy to see why: They strangled and robbed millions of people and seemed unstoppable.

When the time came to launch the attack on the unsuspecting victims the Thuggee would be sure to choose a prime location. It must be remote so as not to be seen or heard by anyone else. Sometimes they would choose a location where escape routes were minimised, for example by a river or ravine. Many groups developed their own chosen favourite spots where ambush and body disposal was simple.

Thuggee - India - Group of Thugs - Early 19th Century Drawing prison

The method of strangulation was used because it required no special weapon that could arouse suspicion if found by their travelling companions. Most Indian males would carry with them a scarf, turban or cummerbund, perfect for garroting. Strangulation also left little or no blood splatter as a clue.

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