Thuggee – Mass Murdering Thieves Of India

The Thuggee gave us the English word “thug” and it’s easy to see why: They strangled and robbed millions of people and seemed unstoppable.

The Thuggees success was due to their methodical tactics and sneaky tricks. If they robbed a group who had small children with them, they would often keep the children alive and bring them up as Thuggees. Having a child with you helped build bonds with your victims and made you seem less suspicious. These youths were then groomed into the lifestyle and killing became second nature as they grew older.

Thuggee - India - Group of Thugs - Early 19th Century Drawing

If the gang wanted to attack and rob a large group of wealthy travellers, they would split up into smaller groups and join the travellers at intervals along the journey so as to keep suspicions low. Every few miles another couple of Thuggees would join the party and before long the unknowing victims would be heavily outnumbered.

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