Thuggee – Mass Murdering Thieves Of India

The Thuggee gave us the English word “thug” and it’s easy to see why: They strangled and robbed millions of people and seemed unstoppable.

Once the Thuggee had found a suitably remote area they would overpower the weary traveller and strangle them to death with a hanky or noose and rob them. They then buried the body or threw it down a well.


Membership of the group was often hereditary, with blood line members holding higher roles within the hierarchy. Just like gangs in other parts of the world, the riches amassed would tempt in wannabe Thuggees who would hang around the best bands hoping for acceptance. The camaraderie between members was good, as was the money earned, so to waifs and strays membership was an attractive option. Rather than being opportunistic random attackers, the Thuggee prided themselves on having a profession rather than being driven to crime out of financial hardship.

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