This Dog Walked 200 Miles Across Russia To Be With The Nurse That Saved Its Life

This is amazing.

Dogs are ace, let’s be honest. They’re the most loyal animals on the planet, humans included, and this pup is testament to that.

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Shavi was a stray dog living on the streets of Russia when she was hit by a car and left for dead. Luckily, two people stopped to help her, taking her to a vets while looking online for somebody to help nurse her back to good health. She had some serious injuries, including two broken legs, and was going to need some TLC.


Nina Baranovskaya responded to the call for help, and following Shiva’s operations, she took her in and helped her get well again. Unfortunately though, she lives in a small flat and couldn’t keep her long-term.

She did find a home for the pooch, but it was 185 miles away on the other side of the country. Shavi went off to her new home, and that was that.


Until Nina received a phonecall from Shiva’s new owners, distraught that she had ran away and gone missing. Nothing much she could do besides hope that the dog turned up in good health, Nina just carried on with her life. Then, a short while later, walking down the street, she felt something brush against her leg. When she looked down, unbelievably, it was Shiva. She had walked almost 200 miles across Russia and managed to find the woman that had saved her life.


Nina is now looking for a bigger flat so that the pair can stay together.

Let’s hope that Shiva’s buddies all threw her a dog party like this one.


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