This House Listing Has A Photograph Of One Of The Most Messed Up Rooms Ever


Don’t think they’re going to be selling this any time soon.

It’s well documented that there are a lot of completely fucked up rooms to rent in London, and they’re normally horrendously overpriced and in absolutely ridiculous condition – there’s an abundance of them.

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This listing is definitely the creepiest and most messed up one that we have ever seen though. The house is a fairly normal looking one in Leytonstone that is going for a cool £1.2million and might look like a steal when you think about how big it is. But then you come across this photograph of one of its rooms:


What the actual fuck is this? I mean I’m into horror movies but I don’t think that I would ever have my bedroom – the place where I would spend most of my time – decked out into a full on shrine to my favourite horror movie villains, complete with a knife and gun collection on the wall too. Imagine if you pulled this person on a night out and went back to their house and were confronted by this – you probably wouldn’t be reading this because you would be dead.

Once that’s been brought to your attention, some of the rest of the rooms in the house look pretty weird too – take this one for example:


Why is the armchair pushed against the door and it’s padlocked from the inside? Why does it have a sink and a cooker in it? Is it a prison of some sort or something? Why is the other room fully furnished and this is completely and utterly sparse?

So many questions about this joint, but I’m not even sure if I even want to know the answers. If anyone winds up buying it, I predict that they’ll go insane within 90 days Amityville style. There’s no way some fucked up shit hasn’t gone on in this place.

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