Woman Launches Foul Mouthed tinder Rant At ‘Ginger Midget’ When He Cancels Their Date


The tables have turned.

When it comes to online dating apps, it seems like the majority of time it’s women that have a hard time of it, as they’re constantly bombarded with dick pics and completely insane reactions if they decide that whoever they’re talking to isn’t exactly what they’re looking for in a man.

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Always a website to be fully inclusive though, we can reveal that it’s not only guys who act this way on Tinder, but also the occasional woman. This unnamed woman went on an incredible rant after her Tinder match quite reasonably cancelled their date because she hadn’t replied to him. Kinda fair enough you know – they could have always met up some other time.

Unfortunately she didn’t see it like that:

Tinder Date 1

Tinder Date 2

Tinder Date 3

Tinder Date 4

Well, she really didn’t relent did she? Not really sure why she was so angry about it if she had something else lined up that night anyway, but I guess some girls are like that aren’t they? Hope the date that she went on instead turned out better and she still managed to get those free dinner and drinks. Sounds like a real catch for whoever got to spend the night with her.

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