Watch These Two Pitbulls Work Together To Save Their Owner From ‘Drowning’ (VIDEO)

Good boys.

Pitbulls are always getting a bad rap for being inherently vicious dogs who will rip your face off without a moment’s notice, even though there are plenty of pit owners out there who can attest otherwise.

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In a clip going viral this week, a man over in Nonthaburi, Thailand pretends to drown in hopes that his two pitbulls will try rescue him.

Did they? Course they did:


And that’s why dogs are the greatest. They can’t tell the difference between fake drowning and real drowning, they treat every situation like it’s the real thing. This guy pretended to drown twice and the dogs saved him twice. What are the chances one person drowns twice in a day? Very slim but of course, dogs don’t know that. They will work their butts off to save your life every time.

Big up all the pit bulls around the world. Well, except this one.


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