The Art of Lee Casey

Lee Casey was one of the winners of the Sick Chirpse T-shirt competition and as promised here’s a blog showcasing his artwork.

So if you’re a regular reader of Sick Chirpse you will probably have seen that this week we launched our first t-shirt and sold out of all ten of the test presses (presses?!) or samples or whatever you want to call them within about 24 hours of them going on sale. Don’t worry if you wanted one – they will be back on sale soon we think and we’ll be releasing some other more ‘parent friendly’ t-shirts soon too especially for Bob from Switzerland, who’s Mom wouldn’t let him buy the shirt.

Anyway, we promised that the winners of the t-shirt competition would get a short feature on the site promoting their art and what would be if we didn’t follow through with our promises? Step forward Lee Casey, a talented young artist hailing from the rocking (?) seaside town of Southsea. Lee studied at the Winchester college of art and already has a pretty impressive portfolio, having already produced artwork for a variety of bars, clubs and pubs in the area as well as working on t-shirt/logo designs for several bands. He’s also a part time studio hand at Bonzo Creative Studios, an open studio in Southsea where I guess he produces some more art/does some creative stuff. Cool. It’s clear though that he has recently upped his game though after being selected as one of the winners of the Sick Chirpse T-Shirt competition and hopefully this will prove the stepping point to bigger and better things for Lee Casey. Lee also wanted me to make everyone aware that enjoys Pokemon, meat based snacks and the music of Phil Collins.

The best way to promote Lee Casey’s art is to link you to his website – which is actually really impressive – and post some of my favourite pieces of his artwork below in this blog. If you want to commission Lee Casey for any work, send an email to him HERE and make sure to check out his personal website HERE. Here’s a few of my favourite pieces of his. Not all of them involve people eating babies, so don’t worry if you were put off by his original design:


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